Last week as I got my first job offer, I thought back to everything that had got me there and decided to write a list for future entry job seekers.

I am also being interviewed by a blog called Do You Buzz this week on my job searching skills, be sure to check it out!

1. Ask for Advice

At school, I was fortunate enough to have an excellent career counselor in my career development office, who was my ultimate cheerleader and friend throughout my search. Find one at your college by contacting the career office and if you can, go and meet with this person. I went to career development once a week for months trying to gleam any advice or help that I could from an experienced professional. We did resume development, mock interviews, job fair tutorials and a lot of venting!

2. Use social media to its full advantage

For my job search, I used the social media sites Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking tool for business professionals to connect and share advice as well as look for jobs. Building a profile on LinkedIn is easy and free. I recommend reading the article How to Rank Higher On LinkedIn by Lewis Howes for tips on building a better profile. Joining and participating in groups is also key to finding mentors in your targeted industry.

Twitter is an excellent way to be noticed online. You can “tweet” your job preferences and use the hash tag feature so that you can be searchable to employers. I also recommend using #HireFriday, because people will help tweet your resume and preferences. Hire Friday is a great community and I am grateful to them.

3. The Right Resume

Ask everyone you know to review your resume! I have had about 20 people critique mine and everyone has something different to add to the discussion. I recommend having your peers as well as HR professionals and industry veterans take a look. I also have an online resume at Do You Buzz, which includes the feed from this blog.

4. Interview Etiquette

Learn how to interview by reading articles, watching videos and asking advice from HR professionals. Also, when in doubt always dress up, not down.

5. Not All Job Postings Are Equal

Try a vast amount of job sites in your job search. Do not limit yourself to one or two, but rather put your resume out there to all sorts of postings. I do not recommend Monster or Career Builder, but I love LinkedIn posting and Simply Hired, which takes job postings from various sites and makes them searchable by area or keywords. Also, do not rule out a credible Craig list posting, because some small companies who do not have funds to post on a pay per post job site often advertise there.

Great Job Advice Accounts on Twitter
@HRMargo, @BrazenCareerist, @CAREERREALISM, @WSJCareers, @doyoubuzz, @MsCareerGirl, @newgradlife

Do you agree/disagree with my advice? Have you had luck with social media and job searching? Let me know!