Tomorrow is the first day of my first i’m-out-of-college-and-a-big-girl-now job in the real corporate world.

I am very nervous.

I have prepared for this day essentially since the day I stepped foot on a college campus to get the degree that would propel me into the world. Back then I had no idea where I would work, what I would do, or even know what I wanted to accomplish in my life.

Tomorrow I will enter my unnamed workplace and begin a job that will probably be mine for the next 1-5-10 years depending on how it goes.

I even bought my own lunch box. It’s black and white and contains multiple containers for various sizes of foods. The little things get me, down to the new daily organizer and colored sticky notes.

I don’t even know what type of desk I will have or if it will have enough room for one of those amazing nameplate things that I have always wanted. I have the framed diploma, but I may save that until I have an office with a window and a door. I have my outfit laid out like the first day of school circa fourth grade, although pumps and a pencil skirt are a far cry from jumpers and stirrup leggings. After all, it isn’t 1998 anymore.

So tomorrow think of me in my pumps and pencil skirt, navigating a new environment, making new contacts and trying my very best to be good at my new job.

Any first day advice would be appreciated!