Magazines fascinate me, with their shiny colored covers adorned with beautiful photographs and graphics. Reading magazines is one of my favorite pastimes, with their beautiful layouts and sometimes interesting stories that amaze and puzzle at the same time. In college I fancied myself an aspiring magazine writer when I took a feature writing course in the fall of my senior year, finding that I got A’s on nearly every feature I wrote. Writing is my passion and release from the outside world, and reading a great article is my escape from reality.

            When I was a little girl, my family subscribed to National Geographic, Yankee Magazine, and Gourmet. I also had my own subscriptions to American Girl, Seventeen, and Cosmo Girl. Each month I would wait in anticipation for the magazines to arrive and would greedily gobble up every word that very day. It still is hard for me to save magazines for another day. These days I am more likely to pick up The New Yorker, Newsweek, Time, Glamour and other assorted publications but the magic still lies between the gloss of the back and cover.

            Therefore, I have decided to go back to my magazine roots and become a freelance magazine writer in my spare moments when I am not working or being a 20 something with an real social life. I want to feel the sense of accomplishment when seeing my work published in a magazine that I would actually read myself. Therefore, I will begin the query letters and submissions to national magazines.

Does anyone have tips for being published? Any ideas on where I should submit my articles? Hot topics? Let me know!



A few weeks ago, I made an odd request to one of my good friends. This individual jetted off to Israel and various locations in the Middle East and I made one request, bring me back sand from the desert. 

Now I know this sounds terribly strange to ask someone to get you sand, but the truth is that I always wanted to have a piece of another place in my collections from my personal travels and from those of my family and friends. I own pins, coins, postcards and other assorted knickknacks from places I have never been, but wish to visit in the future. I have never seen a desert with my own eyes, not even in the United States.

So I asked for sand.

Israel, the country roughly the size of New Jersey (CIA Factbook) is approximately 5,550 miles away from my home in Rhode Island. I speak not one word of Hebrew and my skin is awful in the sun, turning red with the hot burning situation. The rich cultural fabric of Jewish, Islāmic and Christian culture blends as one, even if the groups hardly ever see eye to eye.

I think Israel has always fascinated me because it seems so far away from my own cozy world in suburbia, sandy deserts in place of green parks and white picket fences. I have only read and heard about the Middle East and its exotic treasures in books, magazines, on television, in films. Now I have a part of that land in my room, sitting upon my desk. 

It came wrapped in two bags from thousands of miles away in the heart of Jerusalem. Intertwined in pink and purple plastic came the sand I requested, just the right amount of desert for my bedroom in suburbia, on a cul-de-sac far away from war zones and car bombs. I will end up buying a glass jar for it, to remind me of places far beyond my reach that maybe someday I will be lucky enough to visit.

I have been worried about getting a job since January. Seriously, I have had lots of anxiety about being unemployed after this summer with my internship ending in August. What would I do for insurance? Would I have to go on unemployment?!

Then, this week, came my very first job offer out of college, utilizing the ever important degree (Communications)  and I accepted. I will not reveal the name for privacy reasons, but I will be a marketing assistant in the technology industry. I am beyond thrilled that someone wants me for their company in such a difficult economic time. Yet I am HIRED!

How long is it taking other entry-level job seekers to find a permanent position?

All of my favorite shows ended in early May, which disappoints me to no end. I admit it, I am a TV junkie. I have shows that I watch for years on end and then am close to tears when they get cancelled. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of ABC, Style Network, Bravo and TLC shows.

Summer in TV is no longer a wasteland that it once upon a time when we had only 60 channels to choose from every night. (Sidenote: DVR changed my entire life!) I am going to share some of my top picks for summer and even though you may dismiss some of them as girly girl shows, think again. I like my television with a bit of an edge

1. Mad Men (2007) AMC Sundays

Quick synopsis: A group of men and women work at an advertising agency in the 1960s and lots of debauchery, scandal and heavy drinking/smoking occur.

Why I love it: The writing is fantastic and witty, never boring and there is always a great element of surprise and twist to each plot line. Also, the period clothing and set decoration is truly fantastic. Even if I was not alive, I still feel like I’m in the 1960s and Jackie O look alike will pop out around the corner.

Starring: Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery

Season 4 debuts July 25, 2010

2. Drop Dead Diva (2009) Lifetime Sundays

Drop Dead Diva quick synopsis: A beautiful blond model (Deb) dies in a car accident and comes back to life in the body of a plus sized lawyer (Jane).

Why I love it: Her adventures as Jane are hilarious and touching, because she remembers nothing about Jane’s life. She gets along in her life with the help of a guardian angel Fred, ditzy best friend Stacy and a sidesplitting performance by Margaret Cho as her assistant.

Starring: Brooke Elliot, Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering

Season 2 began in June 2010

3. Police Women of Memphis (2010) TLC Thursdays

Quick Synopsis: Four real female police officers juggle families and fighting crime in Memphis, Tennessee

Why I love it: This is the third incarnation of Police Women and each time they get better. It follows four cops( Aubrey, Joy, Virginia and Arica) in their daily routines of law enforcement and being part of a family. I do not normally like police shows but this one has a big heart and plenty of bad guys to go around. Also, Joy has a bob on one side of her head and the other side is shaved. She also has a mean alter ego named Keesha. I love her!

What are your favorite summer TV shows?

I know that you may feel a bit saturated with my job seeking articles lately, but I hope this one makes you laugh and gives you some important pointers.

I am interested to read articles about job interviews to prepare me for what is in store when I meet with a potential employer for the first time. Interviews can turn completely disastrous if the unexpected curveball question comes your way or your interviewer simply dismisses you the moment he or she locks eyes with you. I came up with a few interview mistakes to avoid when meeting with a company, even if it may be for the first time.

1. No Resume, No References

I never go to any interview without at least a resumé. Oh and please make it one to two pages! Some resumes use varying fonts, sizes and other fancy design techniques that never really matter to an interviewer anyway. Mine is one page, black ink on white paper and printed on resume stock. It is the gold standard! Avoid doing an Elle Woods-esque pink scented resume…it was never a good idea anyway.

2. Limp Like a Fish Handshake

One of my biggest pet peeves is meeting someone who has the worst handshake in the entire world! It is terrible, mostly because it shows a lack of confidence and desire to impress the interviewer. Some people have those sticky clammy hands that sweat when nervous and that grosses me out even more. Practice the handshake, a firm grip pressing your thumb into the web of the other person’s thumb. It always works!

3. The Late Person

The person who is late to an interview, particularly without an excuse, is probably the worst person for the job. Go to the site early and scope out the lay of the land, you will thank yourself later!

4. The Person With Embarrassing Facebook Photos

Social networking is one of my favorite activities but I keep my personal social life separate from my professional life online. If you Google my name, only my professional websites will appear in the search results. KEEP FACEBOOK ON LOCK DOWN JOB SEEKERS! Some people have no idea that recruiters and interviewers check Facebook for each individual candidate and those keg stand pictures from college can come back to bite you.

5. Shoes Shoes Shoes

Scuffed shoes are not attractive. Wear your best shoes or even borrow from a friend. Your interview is presenting you at your best, so do not skimp on the minor details of your dress and appearance.

6. The Show Off

Showing off and acting like you own the place is never something to do in an interview. After all, you are asking THE COMPANY for a job. The company can probably find 10 of you on the street, so having a big cocky ego is not good in this case. Burning bridges to future employment by showing off = no job.

I hope you enjoyed my tips. Do you have any of your own to share? A job interview horror story?

Job hunting is hard, especially in today’s economy aka the recession. As a recent college graduate I am finding that the interview process is not as easy as I hoped it would be but I am trying to get through and eventually land my dream position.

Last week, I was profiled in another blog called DoYouBuzz, which is a resumé building website. I had sent out a tweet the previous Friday as part of an ongoing campaign called #HireFriday, which connects job seekers with recruiters. I crafted my own “tweet” and provided a link to my LinkedIn account. Here is the article that shows my tweet and talks about #HireFriday:

Tomorrow, I will be profiled in a prominent entry-level career columnist’s blog on the website so be sure to look for it this week! The goal of the profile, which I wrote myself, is to introduce myself to recruiters and hopefully land a great public relations or communications position. Wish me luck!

Job hunting may be hard, but the Internet provides me with so many useful tools to get my name out to the hiring world. I regularly send out resumes and cover letters and hope for the best. Sometimes an interview never comes about and the rejection can hurt, but I usually move on and do not let myself get discouraged.

I love writing and really hope that it will be possible for me to begin a career in writing in the next few months. My first book may take a while to get published, but it is what really makes me happy. Look out world, here I come!

Here is my attempt at a book review of one of the most magical books I have come across lately and I hope it does not disappoint. To know me, you must know that I love to read and the summertime always affords me that luxury. I read books that make me open my mind and soul to new places and stories that I would not otherwise experience in my life.

I picked up Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert one day while visiting my aunt, who had bought the book but not read it as of yet. I began to read and immediately identified with the author on her search to find meaning in her own life by travelling across the globe.

This book is the memoir of the freelance writer Elizabeth Gilbert, a thirty something New York City woman who has just recent been divorced and broken up with her boyfriend. She travels to three countries, Italy, India and Indonesia to find out what is missing in her life.

I identified with Liz as a writer and a traveller, but more specifically because I also lived in Rome, Italy for four months and could identify with the kinds of people and places that she experienced. In Italy, Liz wants to find pleasure specifically in the art of eating Italian food. Then she moves on to India, where she lives in an Ashram (a type of meditation retreat temple) where she learns how to pray. Finally she travels to Indonesia, to the island country of Bali to learn balance in her life. Her book is divided into the three countries she visits, and then further subdivided into stories that she tells of her travels.

I love this book and have not yet even finished the entire thing, but wanted to recommend it to all of my readers. As Americans, we sometimes never realize how different the world is outside our borders and how beautiful interactions with other cultures may be. Bali is next on my wish list of dream vacations!

There is also a film version to be released on August 13, 2010 in the United States and stars Julia Roberts.