My parents purchased our first computer when I was six years old, a first grader who had already made use of the new technology in my elementary school. Our computer, large and bulky, sat on a crowded desk in our basement, its use primarily for my father’s small business. My first online experience occurred around age eight or so, when we first got dial-up internet connection via America Online, and I had my first “screen name” and personal email account. Of course, I did not have many “buddies” on my list, but I did use the internet to enrich school projects and play elementary school age games. As I grew older, I would use my computer for word processing, projects, flyers, and printing photos. I became more reliant on the internet through my preteen and teenage years, for all the research and social possibilities it has given me.

In 2010, I use the internet for a variety of purposes. Email is the primary function of my laptop, and in total, I have six email accounts used for various purposes, which include my college email, my work email, and four for various personal uses. Email is my “eyes” into the world, where I get all my insights into the world. Email is the primary form of communication I use at work and at school, and is a secondary source of communication for my friends and family. I check my email many times a day, especially when at work or during intervals of my school days.

My internet time is also spent on various social networking sites, especially Facebook and AIM. I am able to communicate and interact with my friends and family on these sites, mostly in my leisure time. I also use the networking tool of Twitter, and have maintained several blogs in recent years. I also enjoy picture-sharing website, because I enjoy taking travel photos.

News media outlets are also an important part of my internet usage habits. I like to be current on news, politics, entertainment etc. Some of my favorite news sites are the websites of large print publications, such as the New York Times. I also love to browse National Public Radio for its interactive features such as video, audio, photos, and pod casts. My internship requires me to always be current with local and national news stories, so that I am able to effectively do my job in public affairs and media relations.

The internet helps me do research for various college classes, with scholarly journals and academic databases at my fingertips. My upcoming thesis requires me to do massive amounts of online research for primary and secondary sources to use in my project. My research also requires online video and audio media, which can be found through research outlets.

Entertainment websites keep me busy through the day, because I love the arts, film, and celebrity gossip. Some of my favorite entertainment sites are about movies, television and celebrities, in the form of gossip and news. I also like to use the interactive and enhancing features of television station websites, such as Perez Hilton is my favorite website, a blog written about entertainment celebrities that is highly critical and satirical.


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