Today as I drove my car home from work I noticed a familiar sight and decided that I would devote an entire blog post to my driving/pedestrian pet peeves. I do not particularly enjoy using that term, but it is the only one that truly conveys my annoyance at humanity in general. I will list these annoyances in no particular order, just as they arrive in my head.

1. When Bikes Think They Are Cars

Bikes may have wheels, but they are NOT cars. Therefore, they should not act like cars in the middle of a busy street. Nor should a bike be on the side of the road very close to oncoming traffic. Use a bike path or sidewalk provided or if there is not one, use common sense! You cannot out pedal a car! Also note to bikers take out your ear buds!

2. Jaywalking Pedestrians

If you are walking across a street, use a cross walk or at the very least good discretion. When you dart in front of a moving car and continue to saunter at a leisurely pace you are not doing yourself any favors. Use a cross walk! That is what it is there for, crossing! Standing in a busy road is never a good thing for you or the car that may hit you.

3. Cars That Merge Without Signalling

Use your turn signal, that is why it is attached to your steering wheel. I may be one of the worst drivers in the world, but I always signal when making a lane change or turn. This is especially true when you are doing over 60 MPH on a highway.

Those are my pet peeves of the day, as observed while driving. What are your driving pet peeves?