Bizarre Things

In a recent post, The Daily Beast blog named the Craziest Cities in America. Apparently the criteria was the following: Psychiatrists per capita, Stress, Eccentricity, and Drinking. Okay, I can see how these factors come into play when examining for craziness. Rowdy drinking is probably the first on the list for me in terms of craziness. Then it would be followed by eccentricity, because eccentric people basically make a city interesting and crazy on its own, nothing wrong with a few nuts running around. Stress at home and on the job could also probably create a bit of stress. But psychiatrists per capita? Really? That just means that a bunch of men and women who have medical degrees have congregated in a specific area. It DOES NOT mean that the population is necessarily mentally unstable.

The largest city in my state of Rhode Island, Providence was named #3 on the list of craziest cities.

Psychiatrists per capita: 6 out of 57
Stress: 38 out of 57
Eccentricity: 21 out of 57
Drinking: 7 out of 57

I know that Providence is probably tiny compared to all the other cities on the list, so maybe that’s why it has so many psychiatrists? Anyway, Cincinnati is the craziest city. Who knew? Apparently those Mid-Westerners know how to have a good time and go a bit nuts on the way there.


Tiger Woods stars in a new Nike commercial which features his late father’s voice which is supposedly speaking directly to him about his scandal. Who thought this would be good PR for Tiger? Not only is the voice of Earl Woods taken out of context, but what does it have to do with selling sneakers and athletic apparel? This is the Nike company using the controversy surrounding its most prominent representative to sell its products, however, I do not think that it will actually work. Shame on you Nike!

Throughout my life, I have had a fascination for the stupid things people do. Dumb criminals appeal to me most, because if you are embarking on a life of crime stupidity does not come to mind right away. Dumb drunks make me laugh, especially when they bump into the law.

One of my new favorite websites is a blog by TruTv called Dumb as a Blog. This blog posts about exactly what it says, dumb people doing dumb things. My favorite feature is the Dumb Criminal of the Week feature, where readers are allowed to vote for their favorite dumb criminal.

Dumb as a Blog:
Check it out and tell me your favorite criminal or story!

How much does appearance truly matter? Arranged marriage has been a custom for centuries in many cultures, and still exists up until the present day. You know the story. Boy meets girl’s parents and bargains for her marriage price. Boy marries girl without meeting her. Boy and girl live happily ever after…or not. A story came out of Dubai this week that involved a nasty court battle over an arranged marriage in the United Arab Emirates . Apparently, the groom did not meet the bride before his wedding, but had been reassured with photos by the family. When he lifted the niqab (veil) after the wedding, he was in for the shock of his lifetime. His new bride sported a full beard and appeared cross-eyed. Every man surely dreams that his wife will have a nice soft beard…okay perhaps not.

So, the man went to the courts and sued for divorce and all his wedding gifts back. However, he did not receive any settlement from the case other than a divorce, and the wife was proved hormonally female. Doesn’t it seem cruel to divorce someone just because he or she is not perfect in his or her appearance? Usually the flaw is less extreme than a beard, such as some extra weight, or a gap tooth, maybe even a clubfoot. Arranged marriage is a contract I would never enter into under my own free will. As a young adult, I find the dating game hard, but not so hard that I would have to resort to my parents buying and selling me to the most eligible bachelor. What if he was cruel and beat the woman instead of divorcing her? Mail-order brides are another issue related to the arranged marriages. Flying across the world to marry a man that you have never met just to escape poverty? Does it ever work out? Maybe, I will never know.


This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile, an old English telephone booth used as a book storage unit. Kind of amazing for a bibliophile like myself.


This is a link to an article about the world’s strangest buildings. I love bizarre stories and interesting factoids, so expect more links like this! My favorite happens to be the Rotating Tower of Dubai. What’s your favorite?