You have found this blog, so you might as well know my name is Allison and that I am an aspiring writer. I started blogging for a class in New Media but I fell in love with the medium and have decided to continue this endeavor.

I have recently graduated college with a BA in English/Communications…so if you know anyone that is hiring and like my work send them my way!

Enough with shameless plugs for employment…

I live in a teeny tiny state named Rhode Island and I could not have asked for a better place to live. Look for upcoming posts on living in the smallest state in the USA, which is essentially a small town. I am very friendly and love meeting new people.

My favorite thing to do in the world is write and through this blog I am sharing my passion with you. I love the media…film, television, advertising, social media networks. I subscribe to four social networks and hope to expand when I find another interesting site to explore. Film is a huge love of mine and I watch lots of interesting television. I am always up for suggestions to my film and television buffs out in the world.

Current events, world affairs and social justice are also important to me. I listen to NPR (I’m an addict) and subscribe to many news sites on Twitter and Facebook as well as visit their pages. I have always believed knowledge to be power and that my education will never end. I want to learn new things everyday beyond my undergraduate degree.

Travel is a big passion of mine and I lived in Europe for 4 months in 2008. This experienced helped me realize how small my world-view was as an American and helped me expand my thinking and global awareness.

That’s a bit about me, your fearless author and observer of the wide world in which we live. Enjoy my blog!


One Response to “Allison and Her Story”

  1. Evy Wilkins Says:

    Hi Allison, I’d like to contact you about using one of your tweets in an article I’m writing. Can you please send me your email address? I couldn’t find a Contact Me section on the blog! Thanks, Evy

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