I read about 2-3 books a week and live at the library despite my busy schedule. I mostly only have time to read in the evenings before bed and have recently uncovered a gem that I look forward to reading every night.

My new book theme is books that concern Asian and Middle East cultures, particularly the women in those cultures. Many books in the last decade have been written about the culture of Afghanistan, I country I did not know anything about before September of 2001.

Kabul Beauty School recounts the true story of an American hairdresser that leaves her Michigan home to teach at a beauty school in the heart of Kabul post 9-11. I have only read about 100 pages of the book so far, but Deb the hairdresser’s story has interrupted my sleep patterns already. Particularly her descriptions of the Afghan wedding practices and differences in the ideas of what is “beautiful” in any culture

Check out Kabul Beauty School, published in 2007 at your local library. Happy reading!