I have been lacking in blog posts, I know. However, what I have been lacking in blog posts I have made up in life experiences, collecting them along the way post college. So today, I am going to tell you what I learned from living in the so-called “real world” of adults, checkbooks, taxes, and bills, bills, bills.

The first lesson that I learned involved happiness. I took the first job offered to me out of college, a huge mistake. At an unnamed company I found myself hating what I did for work and found that quitting was the best option for me. So I got my first job and then learned how to quit my first job.

I found the job that I love in August and continue to go to work each day with a smile and a bit of sunshine. At the job….dunndunndunnn I WRITE! I write about one article a week for a local publication, and actually finally get to see my name in a byline. What is more is that I get to tell the stories of the people in the community around me and sometimes tell my own stories. I am learning that sometimes it is better to take a job that you love instead of one that provides security. After all, how do you ever know that you will have a job forever? In the days of old, people expected to have the same job for a lifetime as opposed to considering everything temporary and a learning tool.

At almost 22 my life is starting to take shape and I am loving every minute of it.