Magazines fascinate me, with their shiny colored covers adorned with beautiful photographs and graphics. Reading magazines is one of my favorite pastimes, with their beautiful layouts and sometimes interesting stories that amaze and puzzle at the same time. In college I fancied myself an aspiring magazine writer when I took a feature writing course in the fall of my senior year, finding that I got A’s on nearly every feature I wrote. Writing is my passion and release from the outside world, and reading a great article is my escape from reality.

            When I was a little girl, my family subscribed to National Geographic, Yankee Magazine, and Gourmet. I also had my own subscriptions to American Girl, Seventeen, and Cosmo Girl. Each month I would wait in anticipation for the magazines to arrive and would greedily gobble up every word that very day. It still is hard for me to save magazines for another day. These days I am more likely to pick up The New Yorker, Newsweek, Time, Glamour and other assorted publications but the magic still lies between the gloss of the back and cover.

            Therefore, I have decided to go back to my magazine roots and become a freelance magazine writer in my spare moments when I am not working or being a 20 something with an real social life. I want to feel the sense of accomplishment when seeing my work published in a magazine that I would actually read myself. Therefore, I will begin the query letters and submissions to national magazines.

Does anyone have tips for being published? Any ideas on where I should submit my articles? Hot topics? Let me know!