I know that you may feel a bit saturated with my job seeking articles lately, but I hope this one makes you laugh and gives you some important pointers.

I am interested to read articles about job interviews to prepare me for what is in store when I meet with a potential employer for the first time. Interviews can turn completely disastrous if the unexpected curveball question comes your way or your interviewer simply dismisses you the moment he or she locks eyes with you. I came up with a few interview mistakes to avoid when meeting with a company, even if it may be for the first time.

1. No Resume, No References

I never go to any interview without at least a resumé. Oh and please make it one to two pages! Some resumes use varying fonts, sizes and other fancy design techniques that never really matter to an interviewer anyway. Mine is one page, black ink on white paper and printed on resume stock. It is the gold standard! Avoid doing an Elle Woods-esque pink scented resume…it was never a good idea anyway.

2. Limp Like a Fish Handshake

One of my biggest pet peeves is meeting someone who has the worst handshake in the entire world! It is terrible, mostly because it shows a lack of confidence and desire to impress the interviewer. Some people have those sticky clammy hands that sweat when nervous and that grosses me out even more. Practice the handshake, a firm grip pressing your thumb into the web of the other person’s thumb. It always works!

3. The Late Person

The person who is late to an interview, particularly without an excuse, is probably the worst person for the job. Go to the site early and scope out the lay of the land, you will thank yourself later!

4. The Person With Embarrassing Facebook Photos

Social networking is one of my favorite activities but I keep my personal social life separate from my professional life online. If you Google my name, only my professional websites will appear in the search results. KEEP FACEBOOK ON LOCK DOWN JOB SEEKERS! Some people have no idea that recruiters and interviewers check Facebook for each individual candidate and those keg stand pictures from college can come back to bite you.

5. Shoes Shoes Shoes

Scuffed shoes are not attractive. Wear your best shoes or even borrow from a friend. Your interview is presenting you at your best, so do not skimp on the minor details of your dress and appearance.

6. The Show Off

Showing off and acting like you own the place is never something to do in an interview. After all, you are asking THE COMPANY for a job. The company can probably find 10 of you on the street, so having a big cocky ego is not good in this case. Burning bridges to future employment by showing off = no job.

I hope you enjoyed my tips. Do you have any of your own to share? A job interview horror story?