Job hunting is hard, especially in today’s economy aka the recession. As a recent college graduate I am finding that the interview process is not as easy as I hoped it would be but I am trying to get through and eventually land my dream position.

Last week, I was profiled in another blog called DoYouBuzz, which is a resumé building website. I had sent out a tweet the previous Friday as part of an ongoing campaign called #HireFriday, which connects job seekers with recruiters. I crafted my own “tweet” and provided a link to my LinkedIn account. Here is the article that shows my tweet and talks about #HireFriday:

Tomorrow, I will be profiled in a prominent entry-level career columnist’s blog on the website so be sure to look for it this week! The goal of the profile, which I wrote myself, is to introduce myself to recruiters and hopefully land a great public relations or communications position. Wish me luck!

Job hunting may be hard, but the Internet provides me with so many useful tools to get my name out to the hiring world. I regularly send out resumes and cover letters and hope for the best. Sometimes an interview never comes about and the rejection can hurt, but I usually move on and do not let myself get discouraged.

I love writing and really hope that it will be possible for me to begin a career in writing in the next few months. My first book may take a while to get published, but it is what really makes me happy. Look out world, here I come!