Travel across the world is amazing, especially when you have the actual time and resources to experience it. I lived in Italy almost two years ago now, and still miss the little things everyday. But my one regret of my Italian study abroad trip is that I never came close to visiting the island of Sicily, the proverbial soccer ball that the boot of Italy kicks.

Sicily is one of those places that I have been enthralled with every since I started my strange fascination with the Sicilian mob around age 16. First, a bit of history of the mythical island.

Sicily has had its share of invaders and cultural influences, in fact its strain of Italian dialect is a combination of many languages and cultures that ruled the island. It has been ruled by the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Normans. It became part of the unified country of Italy in 1860.

Sicily is characterized by its rocky landscape and Mediterranean mild climate, which makes it a perfect environment to grow oranges and lemons, one of its main exports. The island is only about 10,000 square miles, with the capital city of Palermo in the northwest. It is home to about 5 million people, but in the summer it becomes a popular tourist destination.

Sicily has a unique spell over the world, whether it be its control by the Mafia or the scent of its fragrant oranges. I have always wanted to see the sights and sounds of the island which has experienced so much tumult over its long history.

My ideal life would be one where I could travel for months at a time to far away places and experience new things.