When I was in elementary school, four square was one of the greatest games to play on the playground. With four boxes and a ball, you could have hours of fun and maybe even elicit crying out of a truly sensitive player. One person was the king and could get whoever he or she wanted out, and of course I was never the king. In the 90s, four square was king on the playground, but today it is gaining ground in the world of social media.

In 2010, Foursquare takes on an entirely different meaning as a social media website. It takes locator software and makes it into a game of who is where. Basically, a user will update their “status” with what local business or address he or she may be at, and it will send the message out through Twitter or Facebook. The basic idea is to tell your friends where you are or to meet people who are in the same place you are.

Foursquare is also somewhat of a game, but not the kind with a bouncing ball. According to their website, foursquare players can earn “points” by checking into new places or going to places more than once. The site gives you “badges” for the number of points you earn in specific categories.

Foursquare also recommends fun things to do in the city that you are in, and basically acts as a travel guide. You can also recommend things for others on the site to do in your city.

It is part of what is known as geosocial networking, which is basically using technology through a phone or computer to post your exact location to a social media site. The idea behind this is that your friends will know where you are always, and sometimes come and find you or see what your habits are in terms of going out.

Personally, geosocial networking is not something that I do often, but it is an interesting concept. Check it out yourself at Foursquare.