Today I read a story in the New York Times about the small town of Jackson, NY and their effort to make English the official language of the town. English versus Spanish and immigration and border debates have been hot topics in the last few months.

Many people in the United States do not realize that the country has no official language. The 2000 US Census reported that 300 languages are spoken in households throughout the country. English is spoke at home by 82% of the population but is not the official language, only the most commonly spoken. The second most common language spoken is Spanish, at 12% of the population. The third most common languages spoken are the forms of Chinese languages, which make up about 2 million speakers.

Twenty nine states have English as the official langauge of business and government. However, this most does not have an impact on the U.S. official language.

I believe that America is a country that purposely has no official language because it was built by immigrants who did not necessarily all speak the same language or originate from the same culture.

However, I will leave it up to my readers to decide what they believe.

What do you think?