My graduation from college is fast approaching and I know who the speaker for my ceremony will be in advance. However, I secretly wish it was an exciting celebrity or public figure. I mean honestly, my school is too small for a very high-profile speaker but we did manage to get to Dalai Lama to come visit us a few short years ago.

I am not sure who would be a great graduation speaker. Sure, former presidents and heads of state are pretty good speakers. After all, that is probably how they got elected to those positions in the first place. Actors and celebrities have to know how to speak well, it is basically their job to memorize other people’s words.

I would like to have some type of important foreign dignitary to speak at my graduation, preferably one that needed a myriad of security detail. I would like to learn from someone who has actually experienced the horrors of the real world and can tell me exactly how it will be when I move from the privileged gates of my university. What can a movie or music star tell me about the real working world and the political and social climate of the world I am about to be released into with little preparation?

I think I would rather have a humanitarian than  Will Ferrell. (even if he is hilarious)