Older adults always tell me that a college career is the best years in life. I could agree with that statement, because in four years I grew up a lot and experienced things that I never thought I would experience in my lifetime, let alone in my first 21 years.

I have a tendency to be nostalgic, mostly when things come to an end. After all, I did cry for the entire two hours of my high school graduation and completely ruined my makeup. Endings are hard for me, mostly because I loathe change. Change is a terribly scary and uncomfortable concept to me, but in my experience sometimes it has opened me up to new worlds I never had experienced.

Four years ago, when I walked onto my college campus as a student I was 17 years old and very sheltered. Tomorrow, my last day of classes I will walk off the campus as an independent woman who knows a bit better what she wants out of life, even if the economy is terrible and no one has yet hired her for a job in the real world.

I lived in Europe for four months, by myself without my family and friends. Living in a completely different time zone can be scary, but I learned how to adapt and live on my own terms. I even learned how to cook, even if I made the same meal every single night. After all, many apartments in Italy lack dryers, microwaves, air conditioners, unlimited electricity and not to mention hot water.

I worked for the first time in my entire life. I never held a job before I graduated high school, and now I have five jobs under my belt. Right now I work at a job I love and get to dress up every single day. I feel important and useful at my jobs and have created many wonderful relationships with older mentors who have taught me so much about living in the professional world.

I became a real writer, published and praised. I have always loved writing and now I can officially say I have written a senior thesis and various articles and pieces that I am proud to call my own. I even managed to craft my blog persona and write to you today, reaching over 750 readers so far in my blogging career.

Perhaps this part of my life is over, but there is definitely more excitement and learning to come.