In a recent post, The Daily Beast blog named the Craziest Cities in America. Apparently the criteria was the following: Psychiatrists per capita, Stress, Eccentricity, and Drinking. Okay, I can see how these factors come into play when examining for craziness. Rowdy drinking is probably the first on the list for me in terms of craziness. Then it would be followed by eccentricity, because eccentric people basically make a city interesting and crazy on its own, nothing wrong with a few nuts running around. Stress at home and on the job could also probably create a bit of stress. But psychiatrists per capita? Really? That just means that a bunch of men and women who have medical degrees have congregated in a specific area. It DOES NOT mean that the population is necessarily mentally unstable.

The largest city in my state of Rhode Island, Providence was named #3 on the list of craziest cities.

Psychiatrists per capita: 6 out of 57
Stress: 38 out of 57
Eccentricity: 21 out of 57
Drinking: 7 out of 57

I know that Providence is probably tiny compared to all the other cities on the list, so maybe that’s why it has so many psychiatrists? Anyway, Cincinnati is the craziest city. Who knew? Apparently those Mid-Westerners know how to have a good time and go a bit nuts on the way there.