I studied abroad in 2008 in Rome, Italy and I came back with an addiction. Nothing terrible mind you! In supermarkets, shops and cafes across Europe and Australia there exists a brand of candy known as Kinder.

Kinder is a brand owned by the Ferrero group, which also sells Nutella, Ferrero Roche, and Tic Tacs. I also love Nutella, but I can buy that in the United States at any grocery store. I am talking about the best Ferrero/Kinder product in the wide world: Happy Hippos!

This is a photo from the web of two Happy Hippo Candies in Chocolate and Milk flavors.

Happy Hippos are probably the most amazing candies ever. It is basically a wafer filled with either chocolate or milk flavoring and then sprinkles are added on the outside. The inside of the chocolate one tastes like chocolate and the milk version tastes like cream and hazelnut. My little brother came to love them when he visited me:

If this candy catches your eye, you can order it from Amazon by the case:http://www.amazon.com/Kinder-Happy-Hippo-Cocoa-20-7g/dp/B000LQLMVY

Otherwise, enjoy my photos and the commercial at the top of the post!