By now you have probably heard about Twitter, the social networking service. Anyone can sign up and send out 140 character messages to the RSS feeds of pretty much anyone using the service. You “follow” or subscribe to the “tweets” (messages) of other people. Many celebrities and businesses also have Twitter to get messages out quickly. WARNING: Twitter may be harmful to your health! You will get sucked into the vortex of reading the “tweets” of people you follow who you find most interesting. The best tweeters post many times daily, and usually include hyperlinks to websites, video, photos and audio clips.

I have to confess, I love tweeting and reading other people’s tweets. I love getting like one sentence news updates from my favorite actors or news organization and even my friends. I love when people battle on Twitter, especially celebrities. I love all the links to articles I would never otherwise find on my own that give me a new awareness of the world around me. Some people, like in the video below, think that Twitter is bringing about information overload, but I disagree.

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