I love taking Internet quizzes and getting all the neat little results that are supposed to tell you something about yourself. Today’s quiz I found in my email through a service called Media Buzz, which gives me advice about finding a grown up job in marketing, advertising, or PR. The Title: How outgoing are you?

If you know me, even a little bit you know I love to talk. I love telling stories, asking questions and generally learning about humanity. Outgoing is sometimes an understatement. So no shock came to me when my result after answering 14 questions was the following:

You are totally outgoing


You might have guessed this already, but you’re probably the life of the party everywhere you go and a really big personality. More likely than most people to feel energized after interacting with others, your outgoing personality is definitely a great asset in the workplace and in your (probably incredibly active) social life. Networking and the ability to make new friends are key aspects of success.
But remember that there’s definitely a time to listen to the other person. There’s a value to thinking before you speak and sometimes spending time working things out with yourself can really help you discover new solutions. Who knows what you could learn!

The graphic that accompanied the post is a bit strange, but I think the fact I have a “big personality” was very right. I sometimes get in trouble for talking too much, or saying anything that comes to my mind. My family and friends of my childhood would tell you I used to be a shy child. Now, I can do any type of public speaking and talk to almost anyone. I guess growing up has a profound affect on the evolution of personality and communication skills. Writing has always been my way of expressing my unique viewpoints to the world and now I have the verbal communication skills to match that.

Try the quiz for yourself and tell me if it is correct for you!