April finally has arrived in New England, after the torrential downpours of the past week (see the last two posts). With renewed optimism and perhaps a touch of sarcasm I would like to tell you all my favorite things about springtime in New England and how it is different from any other place on Earth. My love for Rhode Island is actually quite fierce, I hate leaving for too long and always enjoying coming back. When I was little and in school everyone was asked their favorite season, all the kids said summer because school was out and the weather was fantastic. Not me! As a child who never quite conformed to anyone’s ideas but my own (and as a young adult it looks like I’ll be on the same path), I chose spring. Here are a few things I love about spring, but feel free to comment on what you love the most and why.

1. The frogs and “peepers” things at night

When I was little I would sit in my grandmother’s backyard at night and we would listen to the “peepers.” I have no idea what kind of animal this is but as I got older I guessed maybe a frog, toad, or some type of bug thing? The windows would stay open and I could just hear that comforting, familiar sound that would lull me like a lullaby to sleep.

2. Sandals

Once it hits mid March, I refuse to wear closed toed shoes until October. I love sandals, flip-flops, slides, whatever you want to call footwear that exposes toes and foot. I even get that annoying flip-flop tan in the summer, because I wear them so often that when my skin burns, you will see the lines of the flop. I never ever tan, just burn to a crisp and then slowly peel and turn some shade of brown for a few weeks. Fair clean skin should be a blessing, but I always considered it my inherited curse.

3. Real Grass

I love when you can actually see the grass in your yard and it is not discolored and brown, thirsting for life. Real grass means Easter egg hunts to me, and running through the sprinkler when you are five. It even has a distinct spring smell when it first starts growing back after winter,

4. Daffodils and Tulips and Lilies, oh my!

It may sound corny, but spring flowers are just so beautiful! I love the daffodils in a vase on the dinner table in perfect Martha Stewart -esque fashion. Lilies are my favorite springtime flower for sentimental reasons, mostly because they are a new beginning for a new season of life.

5.  65 degree weather

I swear that sixty-five degrees is the perfect temperature for pretty much any activity outdoors, especially something involving a deck. The sun has to be out, but it can be partly obscured by clouds if need be. This is light sweater or jacket weather, or perhaps a spring dress. Maybe jeans and the first short-sleeved blouse of the season even. I’ll be checking the thermometer to see if it is 65 some day soon….I think today it was at least 60!