Today I woke up to find out that my entire town and pretty much state is under water, literally. Flooding has come to the state of Rhode Island, and will probably not clear up anytime soon. I love a good rainy day now and then (see my Leaky Boots post) but this was ridiculous. The Governor even declared a state of emergency! We even made it on CNN, MSNBC, and the Weather Channel. It was weird to see the national news covering a story right in my backyard. Even though my family did not get any water in our basement, many other families in our area had flooding or even evacuated. I normally say that Rhode Island is a state that freaks out at the first sign of precipitation but this time it actually was a legitimate concern.

The local mall is basically underwater which is completely disconcerting. See the photo below taken from the Providence Journal website.


The highway even is partly closed! I never thought that something of this proportion would happen to my tiny state.”None of us alive have seen the flooding that we are experiencing now or going to experience,” Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri said Tuesday night. “This is unprecedented in our state’s history.” I just hope that everyone stays safe and that the damage of the flood is as minimal as possible.