My favorite rain boots are leaking. As you would expect if you know me, they are pink and patterned and were bought more for aesthetics than overall comfort. Rain boots, or wellies if you happened to be from the United Kingdom are so popular now. The patterns and colors are endless, and they seem to be more of a fashion accessory than an actual useful item of footwear. March has been so very rainy, and the April showers are fast approaching. I’m thinking of getting a new pair of boots to start the season of Spring, preferably without tiny wholes that soak my socks through.

Rain boots are the only rubber footwear that I will ever own, save flip-flops. Crocs basically freak me out, mostly because they are incredibly hideous. Who would want shoes that purposely have holes in them and look like something you would wear to garden? And don’t get me started on those awful little charms that they sell to go on the Crocs. Personalizing already ugly footwear is never something I would do. Just say no America! I would put Crocs in the same class as scrunchies, they should only be worn around the house where no one can see you.