What would it be like to live in a country that denies free speech? In the United States of America free speech has been a fundamental right since the ratification of the Constitution in 1788. In China this week, the online giant Google has decided that free speech is a right of all of its global users, and has removed earlier sensors but in place by the Chinese government. The People’s Republic of China has been under Communist rule since 1949, and free speech especially on the Internet has been limited.

My new role as a blogger forces me to think about free speech and how blogging would not be possible without that right. Limitation of information, especially in the digital age is extremely harmful to all governments. Free speech gives people the right to challenge the ideas of others and foster the unique creative process. I could not imagine a world where I could not criticize in fear of imprisonment or death.

So today I ask everyone to remember that each one of you have the right to free speech in America, in any humane society. Cherish that right and remember to exercise it.

USA Today Article: Google to stop censoring search results in China