I first fell in love with coffee at age 15, as a hormonal teenager who could never get herself up in the morning for school. Sure, it started slowly, a cup or so a few times a week. Then I was introduced to a little something I like to call iced coffee. Not just any iced coffee, but French Vanilla iced coffee from the Mecca of all New England coffee shops, Dunkin Donuts.

In New England, iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts is literally a religion. Every morning, the faithful will wait in long drive thru lines, sometimes for more than fifteen minutes, to worship at the altar of coffee. Whether they like it black, cream and sugar, blueberry flavored, iced or hot, and maybe even with an espresso shot, they will come back each day to pay more than $2 for a medium size cup. I will drink iced coffee year round, because of the convenience and familiar taste it offers my palate. Most of my days are not complete without at least one cup of coffee, and many would say this is an addiction. I embrace this addiction and welcome it with open arms. How else would I make it through a morning where I would rather be sleeping?

So my obsession continues and coffee will always be a part of my daily routine. Drive thru workers become familiar faces, and I usually know exactly what my order costs. I often am consoled by the fact that I can go anywhere in New England (I exclude the rest of the United States in this claim) and get the same quality of iced coffee. Once in Virginia on vacation, I got an iced coffee that basically was hot coffee poured into a cup of ice. The true ice coffee lover should know that iced coffee is cold brewed by Dunkin Donuts, meaning that it was never hot in the first place.

Maybe you love coffee too and relate to what I am saying in this post. Share your own coffee love story.