As my search for potential careers continues, I find that reading articles about the job search processes and lucrative industries is always helpful. Today I clicked on the Yahoo homepage, and found an article that details the pay and description of six “unusual” jobs. So why not check it out? After all, I could find something that interests me. However, none of these positions seemed right for my disposition or even sanity, but I will let you be the judge for yourself.

1. Bounty Hunter – “When someone skips bail or leaves town without reporting to court, the person or company who puts up the bail hires a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter goes to catch the criminal, just like in the old Wild West. The hours are long and irregular, and as you can imagine, the job comes with its share of dangers.” (Investopedia)

Law enforcement will never be my thing mostly because I have absolutely no upper body strength and cannot run more than 200 feet without collapsing. Dog the Bounty Hunter comes to mind, in his full mullet glory. In addition, I would probably have to get over my fear of guns and dangerous criminals for this job. Next…

2. Debt Collector or Repossessor- “Debt collectors work in many different jobs, from collectors at call centers to the repossessors who tow your car away if you miss too many payments….Repo men and women need no qualifications other than a willingness to work long hours and deal with angry people.” (Investopedia)

Having once worked as a receptionist in a call center, I can tell you that nothing gets me down more than an angry caller. In addition, I would always listen to the sob story of the gambler, the single mom, the down on their luck types. I could not be mean enough to people on the phone or in person to get their money from them. I always think of the character Derek Smeath in the film em>Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) who harasses the main character Rebecca Bloomwood to pay off her credit card debt.

3. Bodyguard – “Bodyguards are people hired to keep celebrities and VIPs safe. Depending on the client, bodyguard jobs can take anywhere from a few hours to months or years. Bodyguards are often required to travel with their clients, so expect long hours and lots of time away from home.” (Investopedia)

I am not strong enough to be a bodyguard; I need someone to physically protect me! Next…

4. Private Investigator – “Though you probably think of the TV gumshoe when you think of a PI, much of the job is done on the computer, gathering information from databases. But a PI’s job can get pretty dangerous out in the field, so this job is not for the faint of heart. And again, expect long hours in rough conditions.” (Investopedia)

Disclaimer: I am not stealth! I can barely keep the volume of my voice to a dull roar, and I am very conspicuous no matter where I am. Blending into the background and following people with a camera would probably involve the subject figuring out what I was doing in a matter of minutes. However, my research and fact-finding skills are top-notch, so perhaps if I was only the researcher and I had a partner to follow people it would work out. For this job, I picture a film noir scene of a PI in a trench coat in a darkly shadowed room, not the modern world. Oh well…

5. Headhunter “Headhunters find people for jobs, and often have a specialty like finance or healthcare. Also called recruiters or staffing coordinators, headhunters hold salaried positions and/or work on commission, meaning they get paid when they fill a place. Since headhunters are essentially in sales, expect long hours and high stress in this career field.” (Investopedia)

I should probably be a “shark” to be a recruiter. Sales that works on commission is not a field that I want to get into, particularly because I just am not that convincing. I am not sure I could just pick out talent and then have them fail at their jobs, and have the burden fall on my shoulders. Presently I have spoken with many recruiters/headhunters for positions and have been nervous or scared the entire time (although the number one rule is to show no fear).

6. Hazardous-Waste Remover- “Asbestos, mold, nuclear waste, lead, mercury–ever wonder who cleans it all up? Hazardous-waste removers show up with respirators, protective suits, and gloves to take care of business–it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. “

I am not a “get your hands dirty” kind of girl. In fact, I even hate camping in the woods or not showering more than twice a day. Hazardous waste mostly makes me feel like I would like to be sick to my stomach. This is probably the worst job on the list, besides being a bounty hunter who may be shot or knifed while doing his job. What if there is a chemical spill? Oops, your fault! Also, don’t people get sick from the waste? When I was in elementary school in the 90s, there was a TV show called The Secret World of Alex Mack. The Path main character, a young girl is exposed to a weird chemical substance and gains the power to turn into a puddle. Not for me!

Which job would you like to do?