I love traveling to new and exciting places, particularly with good friends. However, I would like to voice a few of my pet peeves when traveling by air, train, automobile, etc. For my most recent trip, I decided to travel by plane. Plane travel has its benefits, such as short travel time and the complimentary beverages served. Here are my peeves, in no particular order:

1. People who travel with fanny packs/bulky backpacks

I can not stand people who think it is still 1990 and fanny packs are acceptable to wear in public. Particularly if you are travelling and over the age of 40. They were never an attractive trend. Also, the bulky backpack with everything that you would ever need is ugly, and will weigh you down. Opt for a light tote bag instead.

2. Small children who run amuck in the airport

Get your child a leash if you cannot teach them enough decorum to sit quietly and shut up. I hear they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

3. The overpriced snacks/beverages in the kiosks/stores

Don’t charge me $4 for a water bottle just because you know I cannot take one through security. That kind of extortion should only be reserved for the snack bars of movie theaters.

Just a few things that bother me.