Ruby Gettinger

I have a confession to make to all my readers; I love so-called “reality” television. Not every reality show, I just enjoy some of the gems that have shown up in the last decade. My favorite sub group of these programs is the makeover/weight loss show. This show takes either an overweight or hideous, or sometimes both contestant and makes them thin, beautiful, or both. My favorite examples of these shows included Extreme Makeover (2002-2007) and The Swan (2004).

These programs were about people who wanted/needed extreme plastic surgery and weight loss to fit in better within American society. The big gimmick was the “reveal” portion of the show, when the contestant had recovered from the surgeries, lost weight, and was made up, then finally got to see him or herself. Tears and drama always ensued, which is probably why the shows gained viewers, to see ugly people transform into attractive people.

The weight loss reality show is also incredibly popular, two examples being Celebrity Fit Club (2005- present) and The Biggest Loser (2004- Present). This genre of reality television follows groups of obese or overweight people who compete against each other to win the cash or charity prize. My mom especially loves The Biggest Loser and I usually make a point to watch the season finale with her.

My new favorite “reality” show is unlike any that I have come across before, because it actually has heart, is sometimes funny, and other times hits a bit close to home. This show is the Style Network’s Ruby, which tells the story of the journey of thirty something Ruby Gettinger. Ruby had always been overweight in her childhood, and became obese in her early adulthood. At her heaviest weight, she tipped the scales at over 700 pounds. Her show began on the Style Network in 2008, and began its third season in February 2010.

Ruby is a fun-loving Southern woman from Savannah, Georgia who loves to gossip with her friends and have lots of fun. Her show follows her diet and exercise regimen, her social life, vacations, and everything that happens in-between. We even get to go to her therapy sessions where she struggles to cope with her “food addiction.” Last episode, Ruby weighed about 340 lbs.

Ruby is the heart and soul of this show, and is why I watch every week. I think she would be an awesome gal pal, because she is warm and loving. Basically, all the viewers just want to support and love her because she is so real. Anyone who has ever struggled with a diet and not succeeded finds inspiration from Ruby. She has lost over 400 pounds not through surgery, but through specialized diet and exercise. My new dream is to travel south to Savannah; it looks like a very charming old Southern town!

Her show airs 8 PM EST on Sundays on The Style Network.

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