Today, I signed up for an Internet social networking site called LinkedIn. This site is designed for business professionals to create digital resumes and interact with employers and colleges as well as network. My profile is pretty basic, just my information and a nondescript picture I pasted from the internet of a beach scene. Can this type of service help get me the career I have always dreamed of?

It possesses some interesting features, such as the recommendations section. A former employer, colleague, supervisor etc can recommend you on the site for future employers. I will let you know the progress of my job search, which has included a few applications filled out on the site for jobs in my area.

I think it will prove to be an interesting social networking tool as I grow and mature, leaving behind the drama of social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace, which are largely socially based. In life, networking in person scares me to death and makes me ultra uncomfortable, despite the fact that I am not a shy person.

Maybe Internet networking will help me gain some important contacts, and perhaps a job opportunity or two!