In 1938, the dating game for 20-somethings such as myself was a very different from in 2010. In fact, women’s magazines apparently gave women tips that would send the most enlightened feminists of 2010 into a fiery rage. Bloggers around the Web are sharing these antiquated images with their readers. I happened to find this story on a Tumblr account, which listed all the newspaper clips. To see all, follow the link at the bottom of this post.

Some of the tips are completely ridiculous, like “do your dressing in your boudoir to keep your allure,” or “if you need a brassiere, wear one.” Some are just downright sexist, such as “don’t talk while dancing,” or “don’t be sentimental.” Moreover, how many women in the Great Depression found men to go out with that could actually pay for a dinner? In 1938, the unemployment rate was a staggering 19%, even more than in the current American recession. Magazines have always performed a means of escape from the horrors of the real world, so perhaps that is what this article was doing. Just don’t let me see any of these tips being used in 2010, thank you very much.