Each year, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil holds one of the most famous street festivals in the world, Carnival. Carnival, if you do not know, is the festival held 40 days before Easter in the Catholic Church. It is the last time Catholics can eat red meat and essentially party until Easter Sunday. In Rio, there are large parades and festivals to mark the event. At the head of the parade is a woman who does the samba in elaborate costume.

This year, massive controversy surrounded the samba queen, because the woman chosen happened to be a seven-year-old Brazilian girl Julia Lira. However, Lira could not ultimately take the pressure of the crowd and starting crying 10 minutes into the routine. Controversy over her inclusion in the parade has been fought in child advocate courts for the past few weeks, critics saying that the parade’s sexual nature and risqué costumes are too much for a seven-year-old.

Personally, I think her costume was dazzling with the purple sequins and her expert dance moves. Who knew that a seven-year-old could dance like that? More power to you Julia Lira, even if you did throw a temper tantrum in front of the entire world.