I love movies, especially ones about love. Okay, I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to movie endings, because I want to believe that true love exists somewhere out there for me to find, despite my cynicism.

Today, the film Valentine’s Day opens in theatres across America, promising lots of famous stars and a whole lots of love. Here are a few:

Leading (Read: Good Looking) Men

Eric Dane, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Demphsey, Bradley Cooper, Topher Grace, Carter Jenkins, Jaime Foxx, Hector Elionzo, George Lopez

The Leading Ladies

Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Gardner, Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts, Queen Latifah,  Shirley MacLaine

The attraction is obviously in the number of famous faces,many familiar to the romantic comedy scene. Taking cues from Love Actually, which showcases pretty much every British actor, it seems to try to please all by offering a variety of romantic situations jutxaposed with a holiday associated with love.