Betty White knows her way around show business. After all, she has been in the proverbial limelight since about 1945. While the world has changed drastically since the post-war era, her comedic talent still remains relevant today, over sixty years later.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Betty White has been involved in over 91 separate television and movie productions in her lifetime, up to the present-day. So it is fitting then, that she be showcased in one of the most watched annual television events, The Super Bowl. Although one does not expect Betty to be in a commercial playing football with young men, she is still hilarious and relevant.

My favorite Betty White role is that of Rose Nuylan, on The Golden Girls, a television comedy which ran for seven seasons, from 1985- 1992. Although I admit that I was not old enough to watch the show when it ran on television for the first time, I have caught up on every rerun broadcast on the Lifetime Network. Her portrayal of Rose as the bumbling idiot from small town Minnesota was sweet and endearing, and helped make Golden Girls one of my favorite shows of all time.

Recently, Betty White fans on Facebook have begun a campaign to get Saturday Night Live to have Betty host an episode of the long running sketch comedy series. (SNL Facebook Campaign) How would the veteran actress do on the series? She has played a number of episodic television characters in the comedy arena, such as Rose on the Golden Girls, Joyce on The Betty White Show, and Sue on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Not many 88-year-old actresses still do television and movie projects in their spare time after a long, successful career. Betty White has the uncanny spunk and pep of at least a sixty-year-old and brings that attitude to all her recent projects. My favorite recent film role was her portrayal of Grandma Annie in The Proposal(2009). Cute as ever, she makes the entertainment world a better place for being in it.